Sharing knowledge is fundamental in today’s society and with the speed with which discoveries and scientific research evolve and advance every day. Here, Dr Luis Pinheiro shares a set of blog articles on the three dimensions that make up his Global Concept of Being in the Profession:

  • Clinical/Surgical;
  • Scientific Research;
  • Teaching Oral Surgery and Implantology.
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The Loss of Implants

13 de May, 2019/

This week we bring our friends and patients a video with Dr Luís Pinheiro on the subject of "Implant Loss".…

Scientific Poster

11 de February, 2019/

One year after the Public Defence of the Thesis and as a representative of the 2016-2018 course of the Masters…

Leukoplaklet Fibrin

13 de January, 2019/

Today we are going to use a complementary healing medium called Leukoplatelet Fibrin in our surgeries. We are now going…


13 de October, 2017/

WHAT ARE ZYGOMATIC IMPLANTS? Let's start by locating ourselves: Zygomatic implants have this name because they are implants placed in…