Complex Oral Rehabilitation

In Complex Oral Rehabilitation we don’t just “close or plug holes” in our patients’ smiles. We must always bear in mind a treatment where aesthetics is strongly associated with and depends on the patient’s function, balance and oral and general health.

This is how the need arises to carry out total and complex rehabilitations, where all the teeth, the whole mouth is rehabilitated.

This is what my team and I do in Complex Oral Rehabilitation. With current techniques and the latest materials, we have managed to raise the bar from Modern Implantology to Advanced Implantology.

Complex Oral Rehabilitation Cases

How can the patient be an integral part, have an active role in choosing the shape and colour of the teeth?

The provisional teeth are developed and designed according to the bio-type of the teeth remaining in the mouth, or through old photographs of the patient when they still had their teeth.

It is then on the provisional teeth that the patient will make their observations and criticisms so that we can make changes to what isn’t right and keep what is.

With the help of digital design programmes such as D.S.D. (Digital Smile Design), we are able to plan and make our patients’ rehabilitation very predictable.

While the implants heal in the bone, does the patient become toothless while waiting?

You don’t become toothless, as you use a set of temporary teeth that are supported by the teeth in your mouth. In some situations, we make temporary fixed teeth that are immediately attached to the implants on the same day.

Is the process painful?

It’s not painful. As well as being perfectly anaesthetised during the treatments, the therapeutic prescription and pre-, intra- and post-operative medication will mean that pain levels are very close to zero.

How long does a treatment like this take?

Depending on the extent of the treatment in terms of the number of teeth treated and the number of implants placed, the first treatment appointment will take up an entire morning for the placement of the temporary teeth and the placement of the implants.

We then wait between 2-4 months for the final phase of treatment, which will take another week or two to complete.