Caso Clínico - Reabilitação Oral Complexa | 4

Clinical Case – Complex Oral Rehabilitation | 4

Complex Oral Rehabilitation

This is a treatment in which aesthetics is strongly associated and depends on the patient’s function, balance and oral and general health. With dental implants and all-ceramic crowns we will be able to build the smile you are looking for.

Our patient is one of those patients who had to be treated with the utmost care, due to the great anxiety and panic of clinic treatment rooms. Panic is the word the patient used several times during his first consultation with us.

We were faced with a highly complex clinical case, due to the patient’s age (extremely young) for complete rehabilitations, his anxiety and the absence or scarcity of oral health care the patient had previously received. We combined 2 different oral rehabilitation techniques in the same patient:

“Teeth in 1 Day” solution on the upper jaw
Complex Oral Rehabilitation” solution with implants and ceramic crowns on the lower jaw.

The patient couldn’t hide the happiness with which he looked in the mirror on the day the upper and lower rehabilitations were delivered. More confident, happier, more secure, that’s how he felt on the day the treatment ended.

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