Dr Luis Pinheiro is a highly qualified oral surgeon in Portugal, with more than 10,000 dental implants placed in the last 15 years.

With an exclusive practice in oral surgery and implantology, Dr Pinheiro has a very specific and state-of-the-art vision, combined with very relevant academic training.

Dr Pinheiro’s main goal is to be able to contribute to his patients’ dreams through rigorous planning and excellent execution.

Clinical & Scientific Activity
Academic Training
Scientific Societies
  • Registered with the Portuguese Dental Association since August 2007
  • Exclusive private practice in Oral Surgery and Implantology
  • Clinical Director of the Lisbon Centre for Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation - C.E.R.O. - Lisbon
  • Head of the Oral Surgery and Implantology Department of the Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation Centre, Lisbon and Almada
  • Permanent member of the S.I.N. - Implant System training team as a speaker for Portugal and Europe, with over 1500 hours of training given in Oral Surgery and Implantology.
  • Scientific Consultant for the multinational S.I.N. - development and application of new products in the field of Oral Surgery and Implantology for Portugal
  • International Speaker for S.I.N. - Oral Surgery and Implantology
  • Author and co-author of scientific articles and posters
  • Lecturer at national and international events
  • Practised Oral Surgery and Implantology in Oxford - UK, between 2012 and 2014, one week per month
  • Graduated in Dental Medicine in 2001-2007 from I.S.C.S.E.M. - Monte de Caparica - Portugal
  • Master's Degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the Eastman Dental Institute - University College of London
  • Postgraduate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the Eastman Dental Institute - University College of London
  • European Centre for Implantology - E.S.O.R.I.B. -
  • Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation - Porto
    Implantology and Advanced Cadaver Surgery - University of Barcelona
  • E.S.O.R.I.B. and Faculty of Medicine Paris XII - Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation - Paris
  • Immediate Load Surgical and Prosthetic Course - S.I.N. - Lisbon
  • Advanced Surgery, Immediate Loading and Block Graft Bone Regeneration - INEPO - São Paulo
  • Rehabilitation of Atrophic Jaws with Accreditation in
  • Zygomatic Implants - INEPO - São Paulo
    Zygomatic Implants Advanced Cadaver Surgery - University of Barcelona
  • Course of Surgical Anatomy of Head and Neck - Royal College of Surgeons - England
  • Accreditation in Zygomatic Implants using the Z.A.G.A. technique (Zygomatic Anatomy Guided Approach) - Zygomatic ZAGA Center Barcelona in specialisation courses
  • Associate Member of the British Society of Oral Surgery (no. 2277)
  • Associate member of the Portuguese Society of Oral Surgery
  • Registration with the General Dental Council (G.D.C.) UK between 2012 and 2014