Advanced Implantology

If you have missing teeth, you should know that conventional dentures are not the only way to replace your lost or damaged teeth. Dental implants have made it possible for people who have lost teeth due to caries, periodontal disease, injuries or congenital defects to be rehabilitated with teeth that are very similar to their natural teeth.

Missing teeth not only unconsciously inhibit people from smiling and speaking, but can also affect their chewing and speech.

Complex Oral Rehabilitation

Semi-fixed Technique

Rehabilitation with implants consists of two stages: the first is the placement of the implant itself in the bone, which will heal, osteointegrate (the medical term for the healing of the implant in the bone) for 2 to 4 months depending on the type of bone and the type of implant used. Once the implant is osseointegrated, a mould is made of the implant and a customised crown is made for the patient.

The result is a tooth or teeth that both aesthetically and in terms of their own sensitivity inside the mouth, look and feel like natural teeth, improving chewing and speech and enhancing the aesthetics of your smile.

In Complex Oral Rehabilitation we don’t just “close or plug holes” in our patients’ smiles. We must always bear in mind a treatment where aesthetics is strongly associated with and depends on the patient’s function, balance and oral and general health.

And this is how the need arises to carry out total and complex rehabilitations, where all the teeth, the whole mouth is rehabilitated.

This is what my team and I do in Complex Oral Rehabilitation.

With current techniques and the latest materials, we have managed to raise the bar from Modern Implantology to Advanced Implantology.

One of the best examples of advanced implantology is the Semi-Fixed Technique:

This technique involves placing 3 implants per jawbone, which are distributed according to the patient’s bone availability and in such a way as to make a triangle.

Parts (Locators®) are screwed onto the implants, which are the male fittings for the female fittings that are placed in the prosthetic structure, thus holding the dental structure in place.

One of the great advantages of this rehabilitation over traditional acrylic prostheses is that, in the case of the upper dental structure, there is no acrylic covering the roof of the mouth.

This solution means that you don’t have to remove the structures attached to the implants in order to perform your daily oral hygiene.

It is especially suitable for patients who are totally edentulous and find it difficult to hold on to traditional acrylic dentures due to the marked loss of bone and gum, or for patients who are looking for a better solution than a simple acrylic denture, but who for various reasons cannot make the Teeth in 1 Day Technique solution.

Clinical Cases