This patient visited us from Montijo and presented an extreme case that shows how far our jawbones can go in terms of bone resorption/loss.

Not only do these patients not have good quality bone, but sometimes there is even less bone. In these situations, we can’t use conventional implants, but rather another type of implant, either much smaller than usual, or much longer, as is the case with Zygomatic Implants.

The name Zygomatic Implants comes from the fact that the implants in their upper portion are not fixed in the upper jaw, because patients no longer have this bone in sufficient quantity and quality for a good anchorage, but in the Zygomatic bone.

The procedure is always carried out under general anesthesia.

In this case, we used Zygomatic implants and “shorty’s” implants, which have this nickname because they are in fact shorter than conventional implants, although they are wider.

This surgery was carried out by Dr. Luis Pinheiro and Dr. Fernando Duarte, surgical training colleagues at SIN- Implant System.

Dr. Luis Pinheiro would like to thank Dr. Fernando Duarte for all his professional and surgical help and commitment during the surgery.

Our patient is to be congratulated for the strength, hope and confidence he showed in us throughout the entire 6-month treatment.

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