Complex Oral Rehabilitation

This is a treatment in which aesthetics is strongly associated and depends on the patient’s function, balance and oral and general health. With dental implants and all-ceramic crowns we will be able to build the smile you are looking for.

Our patient is a long-time friend who is very demanding of his aesthetics, and in this case, his dental aesthetics. Many years ago we fitted him with implants and crowns to make up for missing teeth. But the patient wanted more, he wanted to achieve a higher level of aesthetics than his own teeth offered him. We carried out virtual planning, built 2 sets of temporary teeth and delivered 12 all-ceramic crowns on the upper jaw and 12 all-ceramic crowns on the lower jaw. He is very happy with his oral rehabilitation and continues to send his many friends to our clinic to find out more about our rehabilitation solutions.

Caso Clínico - Reabilitação Oral Complexa | 3


Caso Clínico - Reabilitação Oral Complexa | 3


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