Dr Luis Pinheiro completed his Master’s degree at the University of London

It took 2 years of hard work, dedication to his profession, patients and scientific research to complete his Master’s degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Eastman Dental Institute at the University of London, one of the most important and world-renowned teaching institutions for Oral Medicine and Surgery. Another milestone in Dr Luis Pinheiro’s professional, medical and academic career.

A word of thanks also goes to all the patients who took part in the studies carried out by Dr Luis Pinheiro and his research team, in addition to those expressly mentioned in the acknowledgements of the thesis.

With renewed dedication to his project, Dr Luis Pinheiro is preparing a series of new developments and new projects that he will soon be sharing with his patients, friends and followers.

Always with the fundamental and ongoing aim of making our clinical, medical and surgical practice increasingly safe, predictable and successful in safeguarding the interests of our patients, our most precious asset.

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