Teeth in 1 Day

There’s a chance you could have dental implants and beautiful new teeth, all in the same day. Find out if you’re a candidate for this type of treatment.

Our patient got in touch with our clinic via a Zoom consultation, where he began to ask his initial questions. After our initial conversation and after showing and explaining the solutions we had for his case, the patient made the decision to travel to Portugal. He traveled with the aim of solving his oral health problem and finally being able to smile again without embarrassment.

His oral health had deteriorated considerably, with many missing teeth, fractured teeth, teeth with numerous caries lesions, infiltrated and maladapted restorations and a loss of vertical dimension.

The few teeth present in his upper and lower jaw were not viable for recovery, nor did they offer any guarantee of success for long-term treatment.

Surgery was performed to extract all the teeth in the upper and lower jaw, clean and shape the bone and place the respective implants and prosthetic components, 6 implants above and 6 implants below. He returned after 4 months to finish the treatment.

The result can be seen in the patient’s mouth and above all in his eyes, where the emotion and joy at the end result are obvious. He will return to Portugal once a year for our annual maintenance appointment.

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