Teeth in 1 Day

There’s a chance you could have dental implants and beautiful new teeth, all in the same day. Find out if you’re a candidate for this type of treatment.

Our patient came to us, recommended by a friend who had already been rehabilitated by us a few years ago, with the aim of solving his oral health problem and finally being able to smile again without embarrassment.

The patient sought our help in order to improve his chewing ability and at the same time provide him with an aesthetic solution that was in keeping with his age and that would give him a young, healthy smile in keeping with his age and lifestyle.

Her oral health had deteriorated considerably, with many missing teeth, fractured teeth, teeth with numerous caries lesions, infiltrated and maladapted restorations and a loss of vertical dimension.

The few teeth present in his upper and lower jaw were not viable for recovery and offered no guarantee of success for long-term treatment.

Surgery was carried out to extract all the teeth in the upper and lower jaw, clean and shape the bone and place the respective implants and prosthetic components, 5 implants above and 4 implants below. She returned after 4 months to finish her treatment.

We know that he is happy with the treatment and proof of this are the recommendations of new patients that Pedro Jesus has already referred to our Clinics. We have appointments once a year to maintain the structures and implants.

Caso clínico – Dentes em 1 dia 1


Caso clínico – Dentes em 1 dia 1

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