Testimonial – Zygomatic Implants | 2

“Recommended by a family member, I went to see Dr. Luis Pinheiro, looking to make my dream of having BEAUTIFUL, WHITE and FIXED teeth come true. With friendliness and professionalism, I was received by Dr. Luis Pinheiro who explained the entire process I would go through, from medication, to the tests to be carried out, to all the steps if I chose to pursue this dream. I went ahead and after 3 weeks I underwent surgery performed by Dr. Luis Pinheiro.

The pain was minimal, which signified the excellent work carried out by Dr. Luis Pinheiro and his entire team.

After 6 months, with the prostheses screwed onto the implants, I felt that the effort was worth it.

I would like to thank Dr. Luis Pinheiro, who has always given me enormous confidence, including the patients I already knew he had operated on and his entire fantastic team, who were spectacular, always very well coordinated by Dr. Luis Pinheiro.

If we can dream we can also make our dreams a reality and it was like that with me. Many, many thanks to Dr. Luis Pinheiro.”

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