Complex Oral Rehabilitation

This is a treatment in which aesthetics is strongly associated and depends on the patient’s function, balance and oral and general health. With dental implants and all-ceramic crowns we will be able to build the smile you are looking for.

Our patient is a typical bruxism sufferer, a condition that involves daily or nightly tooth wear due to clenching, often associated with stressful professional or personal situations.

After virtual planning and a bite and vertical dimension survey with 2 sets of temporary teeth, 12 all-ceramic crowns for the upper jaw and 12 all-ceramic crowns for the lower jaw were made and delivered, some on teeth and others on implants. Headaches and muscle fatigue in the facial muscles also disappeared with the treatment carried out by our medical team.

reabilitação oral complexa caso 1


reabilitação oral complexa caso 1


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