Complex Oral Rehabilitation

This is a treatment in which aesthetics is strongly associated and depends on the patient’s function, balance and oral and general health. With dental implants and all-ceramic crowns we will be able to build the smile you are looking for.

The patient came to our appointment from the beautiful city of Setúbal. With crowns already made and placed in her mouth, with implant surgeries already done, with fractured teeth, others missing, she arrived with the intention of resolving her oral health situation once and for all.

With our “Complex Oral Rehabilitation” solution, we gave the patient back the ability to chew all kinds of food, a long-lost confidence and security, and we achieved a smile, a very high standard of dental aesthetics that made the patient very happy. We continue to see the patient once a year for a maintenance appointment.

Caso Clínico - Reabilitação Oral Complexa | 6


Caso Clínico - Reabilitação Oral Complexa | 6


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