Teeth in 1 Day

There’s a chance you could have dental implants and beautiful new teeth, all in the same day. Find out if you’re a candidate for this type of treatment.

The patient visited us from Belgium. After an initial visit to “get to know us”, to get to know our structure, to find out if what we were advertising was really true, he booked the treatment for 6 months later. And so it was, he returned on the scheduled date, we did the Teeth in 1 day treatment on both jaws.

He left the clinic that same day with 2 temporary structures screwed on. He returned 4 months later so that we could make the final frameworks in our laboratory. He is now a regular visitor once a year for implant and framework maintenance appointments.

Caso Clínico - Dentes em 1 dia | 14


Caso Clínico - Dentes em 1 dia | 14


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